The UAW Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in the country.
Plan staff attorneys are represented by AFSCME and support staff are represented by OPEIU.


Excellent client services is one of the Plan's primary goals. In order to be sure that we are achieving this goal, Client Satisfaction Questionnaires are sent out on many of the files that are closed. Here are some comments from returned questionnaires.

• Although the attorney was not able to represent me in court, he provided me with all information and papers necessary and gave me much appreciated support and fully explained the process.
• I find the secretaries and the lawyers very courteous and very easy to get along with.   Very seldom have I waited a long time as I understand I am not the only person who wishes to talk to them.   They explain everything in plain easy language and if there is something I don't understand they will explain it again.   They pursue the problem to the last moment.   I am very happy for all the services they have done for us.   I congratulate them for such good work they offer us.
• I am 76 years of age and ill and unable to travel to cooperating attorney.   I am a member of UAW Local 870 Retiree Chapter and they were most helpful in contacting and arranging for the attorney to come to my residence to prepare my will.   I feel that legal services to be one of the most valuable benefits to UAW members, especially in today's society.
• I want first to thank you for this gracious service.   My husband passed away December 14, 1996.   At a time like this, it is so wonderful to get this assistance with willing professionals.   The lawyer as well as the office assistants were so polite and professional in everything they did.   They were so kind also,   Everything was scheduled and answered immediately.
• On many occasions my husband and myself needed questions answered...   Also your referrals for attorneys for such things as a patent attorney for an invention my husband had was greatly appreciated.   I've been with DaimlerChrysler for over 24 years and have always called your service.   They all have been considerate and friendly people.   I always know I can count on UAW Legal Services when I need legal assistance.   Keep up the good work.
• In my opinion this program is an extremely important one for the Ford members.   There are many attorneys who are irresponsible one cannot pick one from a phone book.   Please continue to provide members with this valuable services.   I am 72 years old and living alone. I need this assistance.

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