The UAW Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in the country.
Plan staff attorneys are represented by AFSCME and support staff are represented by OPEIU.


Plan Offices

If You Live Or Work Near A Plan Staff Office
If you are seeking legal assistance for a legal matter that is entitled to office work services, and if the Plan has a staff office in the state you live you, you will be referred to a Plan staff attorney for assistance. The Plan emphasizes assistance by phone and email but it also has offices in 11 different states and in 25 locations.
Where Offices Are Located
Please select the state in which you live.
What If You Don’t Live Or Work Near A Plan Staff Office?
If the Plan does not have a staff office in that state, you will be referred to a Cooperating Attorney. A Cooperating Attorney is a private attorney who has signed a contract to handle legal matters for Plan eligible clients at reduced rates. If it is for an office work case, then the Plan may pay fees for some or all of the services provided to you. If the matter is not covered under the Planís office work benefit, then the Plan may be able to offer you a low-cost referral to a Cooperating Attorney. The Plan has contracts with Cooperating Attorneys in all 50 states and will make an effort to provide you with a referral that is convenient to you.
The phone number is: 800-482-7700
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