The UAW Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in the country.
Plan staff attorneys are represented by AFSCME and support staff are represented by OPEIU.


Plan Offices

If You Live Or Work Near A Plan Staff Office
The Plan has over 65 offices in 20 different states. If you live or work near a Plan staff office, legal services are provided directly by the Planís legal staff. You should call the Plan staff office directly, they will then verify eligibility and assist you with your legal problem.
Where Offices Are Located
Please select the state in which you live.
What If You Don’t Live Or Work Near A Plan Staff Office?
If you do not live or work near a Plan staff office, you may call the National office on a toll free number. If your legal matter involves a question that may be resolved by a Plan staff office, they may refer you to a Plan staff office in your state. Otherwise, they will refer you to a cooperating attorney (a private attorney who has signed a contract with the Plan agreeing to represent Plan participants for certain fees). The Plan will pay the cooperating attorney for all services that would have been fully covered or covered for the office work benefit in a Plan staff office.†
The phone numbers are:
In Michigan: 1 800 572-1383

Outside Michigan: 1 800 521-7940
1 800 521-2979
1 800 645-5203
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