The UAW Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in the country.
Plan staff attorneys are represented by AFSCME and support staff are represented by OPEIU.


Survey of Clients of UAWLSP Attorneys

The UAW Legal Services Plan wants to provide you with legal representation of the highest possible quality. One way of doing this is to learn what you think of the services you received. If you recently opened a case with a Plan staff attorney it would be helpful if you could complete the following survey. We will need the case number in order for this to be helpful. Your responses will be used to help us serve you better. Thank you.

case #:

or  ss #:
Name of Attorney/Legal Assistant
Type of Legal Problem
1. Were you courteously treated by the attorney? yesno 
Persons working in the attorney's office? yesno 
2. Did your attorney clearly explain your legal matter and the steps needed to resolve it? yesno 
3. Did your attorney keep you informed about what was happening with your legal matter? yesno 
4. Are you satisfied generally with the work your attorney did for you? yesno 
5. Would you want to use your attorney again? yesno 
6. Regardless of your opinion of this attorney, do you think the UAW Legal Services Plan is valuable to their members? yesno 
7. How many times before have you used the services of the UAW Legal Services Plan's attorneys?
Please use the space below for any comments you may have 
about the program.  If you answered "no" to any question, 
please use this space to explain your reasons

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